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To kick off the week of ImagineUpstate, Greg Holliday, IT2PI instructor, programmer, and Beer and Napkins Board member will be highlighted Maker tools and skills at our Monthly Meetup


Challenge of the Week: Use Your Imagination

IMG_2967Our challenge this week comes from Greg Holliday, maker, programmer, and IT2PI instructor 

Quote: “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”- Thomas Edison

Challenge: This week, using what you have, create something that meets a personal or community need. Learn more about the endless possibilities of personal creativity and innovation at Greenville’s ImagineUpstate April 4th 

Bonus: Name the type of circuit in our Napkin Doodle on our Facebook Page. 1st one gets a New Raspberry Pi 2 

Greg Holliday is a native of Upstate South Carolina and currently lives in Easley with his wife Lisa and his son Grayson.  He is a 1986 graduate of Wren High School and earn his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Clemson University in 1990.  He also earned his Master of Arts in Computer Resource and Information Management in 1999 from Webster University.

Professionally, Greg has worked in the computer/IT industry for over 20 years. The majority of his professional career has been in the software development. He is currently working as a Senior Software Developer at AssetPoint in Greenville. When not working, he enjoys fly fishing and biking.  He also enjoys working on various electronics and robotics projects using Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other devices.

Greg also serves on the Board of Directors for iT2Pi and Beer and Napkins. He will be speaking at our Beer and Napkins Meetup Tuesday, March 31st at 6:00pm visit our Meetup Page


Community, Ideas, and Jobs: The Impact of Craft Beer in the Upstate

It’s been a few years since I realized the importance of the emerging craft beer industry. I knew something was up in my 2009 blog post Take a Step Forward with a Step Back, however I didn’t fully realize how locally important the industry would be in building community, innovation, and economic development in the upstate.

Brook Bristow , Executive Director of the South Carolina Brewers Guild shared with me the staggering economic impact of the South Carolina craft beer industry,  “The latest economic numbers indicated that South Carolina sees about a $254M economic impact from craft beer, with about 3,000 jobs directly attributable to it. With the new survey results and the additional taproom sales from existing breweries, that number should now sit around $275M.”  Greenville News has also spotlighted  the boom in Beer tourism in Carolinas.


Photo courtesy of Anders Adermark

On a personal note, our Beer and Napkins organization has benefited significantly from the community and third place that the craft beer industry has provided.  From Growler Haus in Anderson, Community Tap, and Brewery 85 in Greenville, we have met amazing people and groups who are continually brewing ideas.  A great example is from one of our first pitch sessions from David Thorton and Even Skjervold of SouthYeast Labs,   a company that locally sources brewer’s yeast for use in beer, wine, mead, cider and liquor.   Additionally the numerous home-brewing organization such as Just Brew It Anderson and Clemson Brew Crew have been a breeding ground for a number of innovations and business ideas.   Examples such as these are just a drop in the barrel of companies and organizations starting and thriving due to the community and ideas this industry is providing.

We at Beer and Napkins feel that the SC craft beer industry is not just self-serving  but provides the social lubricant  and ecosystem for continued innovation in South Carolina. We are very appreciative of the local brewers, brewpubs, and the advocacy of Brook and the SC Brewer’s Guild. Beer and Napkins is thankful to be part of this evolution.

On March the 19th we will celebrate  the industries’ journey with our BeerStory event. Brook will be our featured presenter and we will also hear storypitches and samples from three  local start-up breweries Carolina Bauernhaus Ales, Birds Fly South Ale Project, and 13 Stripes.

Please join us at Openworks March 19th at 6:30pm for a taste and inspiration. Signup here to get your tickets BeerStory: Evolution of SC Beer

We will be using #BandN_BeerStory and #scbeer during this event

Weekly Challenge: Your Ideas

This weekly challenge is actually for us! Our goal this week is to provide a better way you all can share your ideas, napkins, and creative journey. So we are listening, watching, and improving! In the meantime we would love to see your napkin work. Please post on our Facebook page or Twitter using #beerandnapkins! Have a creative week!