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Weekly Challenge: Your Ideas

This weekly challenge is actually for us! Our goal this week is to provide a better way you all can share your ideas, napkins, and creative journey. So we are listening, watching, and improving! In the meantime we would love to see your napkin work. Please post on our Facebook page or Twitter using #beerandnapkins! Have a creative week!


4 Steps to Making Your Ideas Happen Like Clockwork

Listening to How to be Like Walt: Capturing the Disney Magic Every Day of Your Life I ran across a story about how the animators of Disney’s Pinocchio undertook a challenge to build a clock like the one’s in Geppeto’s workshop. Originally spurred on by Walt’s comment on seeing the cartoon for the first time “It’s a good thing this is only a cartoon. It would be impossible to build a real clock that works the way they do,” they wanted to show Walt it couldIMG_0585.JPG
be done! The next steps were buying and disassembling two real clocks and seeing how they worked. Then they asked a diverse group of clock makers and electrical engineers if it’s possible. After all that time invested they couldn’t admit defeat and begin making the intricate parts and assembled them the way they thought it would work…and It worked. Walt’s final comments on seeing the clock “ I knew you could do it all along…I just wanted to see how long it would take you.”

This little story illustrates the following points:

  1. Make things visual. Without the cartoon the inception to build something creative would have never took place.
  2. Break things apart and explore. Dissembling the clock was educational and gave the animators insight on how the clocks work.
  3. Seek help; fill in the gaps with a diverse team of experts. The Disney team brought in several experts to assist their understanding of their designs.
  4.  Make it. Based on their best understanding they began building and assembling.

Challenge: Think of an idea or dream you want to make a reality use these steps and share with us how you accomplished it.

Beer and Napkins Holiday Makers Special with Joey Loman

Naughty or Nice in 2014 do you have Ideas you want to make a reality in 2015? 


Tuesday, December 9th at 6;00pm, The Community Tap 

Continuing the Makers conversation from our November 25th Meetup, this fun year end Beer and Napkins 2014 finale features lnnovator and Maker Joey Loman sharing his key steps in making your ideas and inventions come to life in 2015!


Event details here:

Beer and Napkins Meetup at Universal Joint: What is a Maker?

Beer and Napkins Meetup at Universal Joint: What is a Maker?

We’ve heard the term Maker and Maker Culture but what does that mean. Local Innovator and Maker Joey Loman will be sharing his insights on the Maker Culture. What does it mean to be aMaker and how you can get started. Sign up  here


If you like off-the-wall ideas, you should talk to Joey Loman because he’s full of them. As a somewhat reclusive Renaissance man from Kansas City, Missouri, he’s a television producer by day and an entrepreneur-inventor by night. He’s an avid musician and serves on the board of the Greenville music venue, The Channel. His most recent adventure is hatching the Upstate Makers Guild, an eclectic assembly of artists, engineers, and hobbyists who love making things. Joey Loman is a serial entrepreneur and has been an investor, founder, or partner in at least 14 small business startups. In his spare time he tends a small gourd garden with the dream of creating calabash gourd smoking pipes. He also likes grapes, solid and liquid derivatives of grapes, distillations of grape fluids, and grape flavored food products.

This is a precursor to his talk in December 9th.


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